Classical Hatha Yoga 

Special event: Yoga nutrition lecture and food party

How one should eat in order to preserve health, sense of well-being, attractiveness, and not to become fat, is one of the most common concerns nowadays. New diets are constantly offered by physicians, guru, film stars, models - even governments publish dietary recommendations. However, even recommendations issued by official institutions contradict each over and are constantly changing. What was "scientifically proven" yesterday, turns out to contradict science of today. According to words of Dr. David Katz, head of the Yale School of Medicine Prevention Research Center: "People can feel like a ping-pong ball. They are being batted in one direction and then another."

In out talk, we will tell you about simple and proven by thousands years of experience Hatha Yoga nutrition principles. The following topics will be covered:

How to select ingredients. What to eat and what not to eat. Why "scientific principles" of nutrition are not scientific. Why so many contradictory dietary recommendations appear. Why food not fit for consumption is advertised and sold. How to prepare healthy gourmet food in very little time. How to keep proper weight. Where to find good ingredients and prepared food in Zurich.

The program concludes with the dinner. In the menu: vegetarian chili, oatmeal cookies, and - hit of the evening - the tonic of Siberian yogis. Entrance fee 20 CHF. Reservation required.

Place: Gemeindezentrum Oerlikon, Gubelstrasse 10
Directions: Near Bahnhof Oerlikon
Time: Sunday, November 9, 18:00
Instructor: Gregory Kozlovsky
Phone: 01 321 66 18 (evening), 01 632 63 70 (day)
Language of instruction: English, Russian, or a combination thereof depending on the participants.

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